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Getting Over the Sluggish Blues

You wake up in the morning feeling sluggish. You drag yourself
to the gym with that lethargic feeling, thinking that a good workout
will get the neurons moving. But it’s still a struggle.

You get to work and you are better but not yet feeling that ‘out of my way folks, I have worlds to conquer.’ How do you get out of the doldrums and into that aura of feeling great? Here are a few ideas to help you do that:

1) Music – there is usually a tune or melody that you can hum or play that will arouse your mind to signal your body to “wake up.” Not just a radio station but something that’s unique to you. So have something ready to get you over the “sluggish blues.”
2) Goals – giving yourself a chance to visualize the results of your goals can give you that inspirational nudge gets you back into the fast lane. In fact, the night before, just a brief plan might get you bouncing out of bed in the morning.
3) Routine – just start on a routine task which by itself can get you doing something positive and just keep doing it and the next thing you know you are working up a nice head of steam.
4) Food – coffee can start your engine and caffeine spikes your adrenaline but keep it in moderation. Hopefully you are sticking to a “healthy” diet that keeps your electrolytes and fluid levels in balance, providing a necessary amount of protein, and avoiding the “bad” stuff. Just go easy on the fries and doughnuts.
5) Plus Thinking – even though the weather outside can be gloomy your state of mind needn’t match the weather. Hook your thoughts to a positive frame of mind and enjoy life. Avoid the negative self talk that can creep into your subconscious mind.

And if nothing works to get rid of that sluggish feeling, remember the constant in life is change – and it too will pass.

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