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Ideas on Changing Careers

Ideas on Changing Careers

1. Make sure you figure out the real reason you want to do this – a passion for a field you never thought of in college, something you have always wanted to do, a new tech field that didn’t exist when you went to school, a natural progression from what you are doing.
2. Don’t do this just to get away from bad management, an unsuccessful company, a bad boss, or unhappy peers.
3. Ensure that this change will be fiscally sound and keep you and your family safe and protected.
4. Approach the steps to change carefully, and don’t jump – figure out if you need further education, and do the least yet most practical study or apprenticeship necessary for an entrée to your new world.
5. Seek advice – career counselor, a mentor in your chosen field, your University career centre if you are an alum. Don’t go it alone.
6. Try it out, either part time while still employed, perhaps even as a volunteer. Doing it as a hobby may suffice.
7. Read sites like internsover40.com, retiredbrain,com, read government websites like employmentcanada.ca.
8. Be realistic – what strengths/skills do you bring to the new career? Why will you be successful?
9. Rewrite your resume, emphasizing the skills you have re your new path, background, education, common transferable technologies and skills.
10. Work on creating a network of contacts in your target area.
11. Read about the opportunities.
12. Don’t whine about your old career, but show great passion and enthusiasm for moving forward (i.e., if you keep talking about your bad dating experiences, no one will want to join the list).

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