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Healthcare and Clinical Positions

N2628 Licensed Veterinarian BC N2629 OSCT Cardiology Technologist GTA 2621 Genetic Counselor Texas 2619 Genetic Counselor CGC Pennsylvania 2620 OHS Nurse / RPN Manufacturing Plant Orangeville 2616N PhD CBT Psychologist Generalist GTA 2615N Medical IME Assessor Recruiting Specialist ON 2614N Intake Supervisor IME GTA 2610N Canadian Licensed Veterinarian QC 2601N Medical Physicist - Radiation Physics Therapy Illinois 2451 Sr. CRO Toxicologist Study Director Montreal

Job ID: N2628
Position: N2628 Licensed Veterinarian BC
Location: Okanagan Valley, BC
Description: Small animal Veterinarian sought by Okanagan Valley BC clinic. New grads welcome. Hospital has excellent diagnostic suites and great working environment. They offer medical benefits, generous vacation time, and cover licensing fees plus continuing education. Apply

Job ID: N2629
Position: N2629 OSCT Cardiology Technologist GTA
Location: Toronto, on
Description: Toronto healthcare teaching / training College would like to hire a Cardiology Instructor to train technologists. DESCRIPTION: - Teach cardiology technology courses according to College guidelines. - Oversee and evaluate students. REQUIREMENTS: - OSCT/CSCT member. - 3 to 5 years working as a cardiology technologist - either in a clinic or hospital. - Excellent English communication skills re presenting information and liaising with student body. - Skilled at the use of computers re teaching. This is not a position for a practising MD - this normally involves training students in cardiology assessments - such as holters, ecgs, sonograms, stress tests. į Apply

Job ID: 2621
Position: 2621 Genetic Counselor Texas
Location: Houston, TX
Description: Houston, TX high performance nationally ranked hospital with an integrated adult genetic counseling program would like to hire a Genetic Counselor to provide services to adults with hereditary, or predisposing risk of, cancer and other disorders with genetic components. You would be collaborating with a large team of doctors, nurses, Ph.D.s, other professionals, in both clinical and community-based settings. RESPONSIBILITIES: COUNSELING: - Genetic counseling to adults with hereditary, or predisposing risk of, cancer. - Family history, risk assessment, clear communication of risk information based on genetic testing. - Follow-ups, family lcommunication, referrals, consultation reports. - Helping with authorization for insurance coverage for genetic testing. - Case presentations at weekly rounds and other venues as required. EDUCATION: - Providing education re hereditary cancer and genetic counseling to the public, students and health care professionals. - Supervising and evaluating students doing cancer genetics rotations - Other patient, professional and public education materials and presentations. CLINICAL: - Subject recruitment both inside and outside the institution. - Educational materials, reviewing patient charts, contacting family members, and conducting public and professional presentations. - Design, writing or editing of research protocols AND Initiation of new research projects. - Primary contact and liaison for specified clinical departments or research groups. - Attend appropriate departmental conferences, tumor boards or meetings. - Facilitate the identification of high risk patients for genetic counseling and clinical research protocols. - Provides genetic screening and counseling services in other care centers as needed. REQUIREMENTS: Post-graduate training - MS - in genetic counseling/related. 0-3 years of experience in risk assessment and counseling for adult onset diseases. Must be able to obtain certification by the American Board of Genetic Counseling or American Board of Medical Genetics. Apply

Job ID: 2619
Position: 2619 Genetic Counselor CGC Pennsylvania
Location: Philadelphia, PA
Description: Northwest Philadelphia community medical/surgical hospital with a fully NAPBC (National Accreditation Program for Breast Centers) accredited cancer and breast health center offering both medical and radiation oncology services requires a CGC certified genetic counselor, responsible for counseling, genetic risk assessment, and related programs and documentation. ROLE AND RESPONSIBILITIES: - Genetic risk assessment. - Community awareness programs and education. - Explaining genetic risk factors related to cancer development, cancer genetics, role of genetic mutations in cancers, implication for family members, and clinical testing availability for inherited familial predisposition mutations. - Intake patient screening, logistics of appointments, EMRs, sampling, shipping, documentation. - Major role in test result discussion between doctor and patient. REQUIREMENTS: MS Accredited Genetic Counseling program essential. Certification by the American Board of Genetic Counseling, Inc. as a Certified Genetic Counselor a must. - Able to build the genetic risk counselor program. 2+ to 5 years related experience preferred. No visas please. Relocation assistance for the ideal candidate. Please do not apply if you are not a Genetic Counselor. - Apply

Job ID: 2620
Position: 2620 OHS Nurse / RPN Manufacturing Plant Orangeville
Location: Orangeville, ON
Description: Manufacturing client located near Orangeville/Newmarket, ON is looking for a RPN / Occupational Health & Safety OHS Nurse. Duties will include helping with the day to day operations of the OHS Department - first aid treatment, safety training, workmen's compensation. RESPONSIBILITIES: - Create safety related policies and procedures manuals, conduct training, and make sure company adheres to safety regulations. - WSIB interaction re injury, recovery, claims, expenses. - First aid, emergency intervention leadership, accident review. - STD, LTD, emergency response team medical contact. - Tour floor regularly to ensure processes, equipment, related safe. - Part of Safety committee. REQUIREMENTS: - Certificate of Competence related to OHS ......OR.....Practical Nursing Diploma / Member of Registered Practical nurse Association (RPNAO-GN SIG) - Related post-secondary training in OHS or RPN. - Knowledge of OHS act, WSIB claims, STD, LTD. - Excellent interpersonal, computer, team, multi-taking, English communication skills. Apply

Job ID: 2616N
Position: 2616N PhD CBT Psychologist Generalist GTA
Location: Oakville, ON
Description: Psychology clinic in the Oakville/Mississauga area, part of the Toronto, ON GTA, is looking for a CBT PhD Psychologist / Psych D. Must be registered in good standing with the CPO. Generalist. Contractor, who will bill the clinic for hours spent. Working hours flexible - 2 to 5 days as desired. Some evenings. Diagnosis, treatment, reports. Apply

Job ID: 2615N
Position: 2615N Medical IME Assessor Recruiting Specialist ON
Location: Toronto, ON
Description: Toronto area IME requires a Medical Assessor Recruiting Supervisor to manage all related duties. An IME client in Toronto is recruiting for a Supervisor Roster Assessor Relations and Recruiting Specialist. ROLE AND RESPONSIBILITIES: - Hiring and onboarding of medical assessors. - Manage all people working in Assessor Recruitment and Relations Department. - Ascertain that medical assessors maintain good standing within their colleges, are HCAI registered, and have current profiles. - Training, supporting performance, and assessor-related escalation management. - Timely scheduling of patients and appointment confirmation via Smart Simple booking system. - Fee and profit matters. - Weekly assessment fee and roster reporting. REQUIREMENTS: B.Com. OR proven organizational management experience. 3 years' related work experience in an IME, in an assessment management role. Apply

Job ID: 2614N
Position: 2614N Intake Supervisor IME GTA
Location: Toronto, ON
Description: Toronto IME clinic requires an Intake Supervisor, responsible for daily operations related to Admin and Intake. ROLE: Daily Admin and Intake issues. Training Admin and Intake personnel - Receptionists, Document Specialists) re duties and POPs. Keep training materials up to date. Internal intake and admin audits. Help coordinate intake meetings, balance workload. Keep track of performance, attendance, productivity. REQUIREMENTS: 2 to 3 years supervisory experience working in MVA and experience with SABS. Excellent knowledge of medical disciplines and terminology. Able to scrutinize reports and records. Great interpersonal, problem solving, decision making skills. Apply

Job ID: 2610N
Position: 2610N Canadian Licensed Veterinarian QC
Location: Quebec , QC
Description: Quebec City, QC well-established, large veterinary clinic is looking for a licensed veterinarian. You will be joining a group of several dozen colleagues, many focused on the emergency medicine side of this sizeable clinic. REQUIREMENTS: DVM and license to practise in Canada and eligible to write the necessary QC exams. Must have graduated from an accredited college of veterinary medicine. Vets with emergency room (ER) / intensive care experience of great interest. Must be bilingual (French as one of the languages) or willing to learn French asap. Experience important but new licensed grads are welcome. Licensure: 1. To practice veterinary medicine in Canada in general, students must obtain a licence by passing the North American Veterinary Licensing Exam (NAVLE). 2. The National Examining Board (NEB) is responsible for the administration, in Canada, of a 3-part veterinary licensing examination process. Completion of the exams is a requirement to be eligible to apply for license from any of the provincial veterinary licensing bodies. 3. In addition, to practice in the Province of QC, you must also pass the Ordre des mˇdecins vˇtˇrinaires du Quˇbec (OMVQ) exam. Apply

Job ID: 2601N
Position: 2601N Medical Physicist - Radiation Physics Therapy Illinois
Location: Chicago area, IL
Description: Hospital system in greater Chicago, IL requires a medical physicist is to guide the radiation oncologist(s), and related specialists in factors involving radiation physics therapy. This physicist, (advised by a Radiation Safety Committee) will be partially responsible for managing the radiation safety program in the Radiation Oncology department. REQUIREMENTS: Ph.D. in Medical Physics or equivalent required. Plus a Medical Physics Residency program, if required for ABR Certification. Eligible to IL state licensure IEMA (Illinois Emergency Management Agency). 3 years' radiation therapy physics experience preferred. Cognizant of High Dose Radiation Policies and Procedures. Able to plan HDR treatments. Knowledgeable in and capable of planning Intensity-modulated radiation therapy (IMRT),Stereotactic radiosurgery (SRS), and Stereotactic body radiotherapy (SBRT) treatments, including arcs, required. Must be legally allowed to work in the State of Illinois. Apply

Job ID: 2451
Position: 2451 Sr. CRO Toxicologist Study Director Montreal
Location: Montreal, QC
Description: Montreal, Quebec preclinical testing laboratory seeks a Toxicology Study Director to be responsible for toxicological (GLP) investigation of pharmaceuticals. ROLE AND RESPONSIBILITIES: Designing protocols and programs. Overseeing all technical and scientific activities and in-life monitoring. Communicating with sponsors. Writing reports and evaluating data.Serving as the scientific representative on corporate committees. Attending scientific meetings. Training of junior technical and scientific personnel. Carry out R&D in line with company objectives. REQUIREMENTS: B.Sc. (min) plus 5 years as a Toxicology Study Director in the CRO, biotechnology, or pharmaceutical industry. Experience conducting toxicology testing. Experience with safety studies of biologics and drugs. Excellent organizational and report writing skills, working knowledge of GLP. Please note that this is GLP, not GMP or GCP. Hands-on, able to deal with the animal experimentation side of testing. Experience leading others of great interest. French / English bilingual nice to have. Apply