Hess Associates


Hess Associates was very helpful in filling a number of senior managerial positions. They understood our needs, provided great value, and saved us considerable time by sourcing qualified people who were able to move our business forward.

Linda M., VP and General Manager

Hess Associates was extremely helpful in my job search. They identified the perfect job for me, provided in depth information about the job and the company, and led me step by step through the whole process. They are the best!

James Z., Toronto

Over the last 15 years I have had the pleasure of working with Herbert regarding various Senior Project Management roles. He identified a long term opportunity for me and discussed details of the firm and gave me a deep understanding of the client’s needs and expectations. It worked out extremely well as the customer relationship was extended several times over a span of 5 years and I still maintain a great relationship with this organization to this day. I would consider Herbert a trusted business colleague and friend. Herbert has always been there when I’m looking for that next opportunity. I would highly recommend Herbert to anyone looking for great contract or full-time opportunities.

James A., Senior Project Management Consultant

Herbert and Paula helped us source key technical people. They were responsive, professional, innovative, energetic, and always a phone call or an email away. Keen understanding of the business and the industry, interested in what we were accomplishing.

Brenda B., Director, Human Resources

Herbert and Hess Associates were totally instrumental in finding me my ideal job in Biotech IT and helping me go through the hiring processes successfully. From resume suggestions, pre-interview coaching and follow up they were exceptional. They are personal, professional and have a wealth of experience and I highly recommend them

Al H., Toronto

Paula and Herbert at Hess Associates were totally instrumental in helping me ‘land’ an amazing biotechnology position with a successful, leading Canadian RnD company. As previous scientists, they thoroughly understood my background and my work and how they related to the position. They critiqued my resume, and guided me through the application, interview, and offer presentation stages of the process. We are still in touch.

M.C., Toronto

Hess Associates was very helpful in filling a number of senior managerial positions. They understood our needs, provided great value, and saved us considerable time by sourcing qualified people who were able to move our business forward.

I have met Herbert a number of times through our mutual membership of NPA Worldwide recruiting network. Herbert has always come across as a leader in the industry with great foresight, technical ability and understanding of the complex dynamics of attracting and securing talent for his clients. Herbert is a true maven of the industry.


Paula helped me find my dream job! She is an excellent recruiter – knowledgeable,helpful, and truly a joy to work with. She is gifted with an uncanny ability to find the perfect fit between employers and potential employees. I was not even looking for a new career when I opened her email asking if I’d consider a new position she was aware of. I’m so glad I responded to her – its opened up my life to so many wonderful new experiences, opportunities, and even like-minded coworkers I look forward to seeing each day. Thank you Paula!!

Nicole F.

I have known Herbert for the past 4-5 years. He is a wonderful career coach and in the top 10% of executive recruiters in Canada. He really understands the recruiting process and builds fantastic relationships with his clients. His experience in this field is noted by his success in this area. Overall he is a great friend and I wish him many more years of success.

Nav M.

Herbert was my first manager out of university, and taught me the basics of recruitment. His strong work ethic, and the ways in which he led by example, are qualities that I strive to emulate as I build my career.


Herbert is doing a fabulous job in connecting professionals to the right employers! His superb sense of humour makes it a lot easier to work with him. He is highly professional, passionate about his job and business, and at the same time – willing to help others. It is always a terrific experience working with him.


Herbert is a fantastic resource for anyone looking to change their career. He really helped me get my search on track and I’m in a much better situation because of his assistance. LinkedIn asks for the top 3 attributes for Herbert. I would select all 7 if I could. I highly recommend Herbert.


Herb has an exceptional aptitude for assessing people. He will not only find the person with the right qualifications but the right attitude and personality for a particular requirement. Herb is also very adept at seeing the hidden potential in people. Herb is a great thinker, yet intuitive, very personable and reliable.

Larry K.

Herbert and I have maintained a professional relationship lasting 25 years, which nicely summarizes the characteristics and attributes he brings to business, people, and the recruitment/fulfillment field in general. There have been several tumultuous periods in the employment industry through that time and Herbert has always managed to stay on top of his game and thrive while many competitors large and small were closing their doors. His experience and depth of expertise in this area should not be overlooked – whether you are a client or a candidate, Herbert should be at the top of your approved vendors list.

Jim L.

Herbert brings the right talents to clients and a very accurate and timely manner. Best recruiter I have worked with and is very passionate about being a true beacon of excellence to his industry.

Luiz P.

Herbert was introduced to me as a recruiter but he’s more than that. He’s knowledgeable, straight forward, sincere and loyal to his clients. Man of ethics and values. His insightful advice helped me success in interviews. I would highly recommend him as your first contact for next career move.

Sami U.

Herbert is a highly qualified and skilled recruiter with ethics and great understanding of what he is trying to accomplish in his field. A great NPA affiliate.


Meeting Herb at a Toronto Biotech Initiative function, I was immediately impressed with his knowledge of the healthcare industry, straight-forward style, and entrepreneurialism. It was a pleasure connecting with Herb, and I would strongly encourage anyone seeking a talent match in the Canadian healthcare industry to connect with him as well.

Al L.


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