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There are a multitude of issues facing small companies the first of which is cash flow which includes such mundane but essential items such meeting payroll (which is really part of money management). The question is what is the second most important issue facing small business?

Finding a number 2 person and landing them is probably one of the more difficult activities for the top person in a small business. And the cost of mis-hiring is significant.

Small business owners fear that their business will stall if they are away and they refrain from taking the time to recharge their energies. But by having a strong number 2 man in the organization, there is less chance of owner fatigue which often leads to making wrong decisions.

So how do you go about find a number 2 person.

First, and foremost is figuring out “in depth” exactly what you are looking for.

Second, recruit a fairly sizeable number of potential candidates.

Third, based on the resumes decide which have the performance history that matches what you are looking for.

Fourth, using an identical questionnaire do telephone interviews with candidates from step three.

Fifth, invite 3 – 6 finalists for face to face interviews and evaluate the results. Then pick 2 candidates and do extensive reference checking with given and non-given referees. Then decide which of the two will work best in your environment.

This is probably the best way of finding your number 2 person. It can be a time consuming process but well worth the end result.

Herbert Hess