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You have been working for Company A for a number of years – along the way, you may have had a promotion or two or three, with more responsibility and the ability to provide more input.
Co-workers have come and gone or remained, and may or may not actually have become friends. Your work has fallen into a routine, even if the scope has grown.

Should you stay there and continue to grow? Are you growing at all, or stagnating?

Signs to look out for:

1. Your boss and you may not get along and your boss is your age or younger – unless you can change departments, you may have reached a ceiling.

2. Getting up and going to work is no longer motivating.

3. Receiving emails and texts from people at work is a huge nuisance since you are no longer interested in anything to do with work after hours.

4. Your job has become stressful and you not only have no time to sleep properly but you also stay up worrying about work-related issues, and your work/life balance is gone.

5. You have information on the fact that the company is not doing well or may be acquired.

6. You have not received much of a pay raise in a long time and subordinates are earning just as much.

7. You no longer feel part of the cultural fit – the demographics have changed, and you don’t even like the people around you, and suspect the feeling is mutual.

8. The goals of your job are no longer the goals you have for your career.

9. The commute has become much longer in recent years as traffic patterns have changed.

10. You don’t feel appreciated and your skills are not being fully used.

11. You are suddenly being expected to do way more travel than you originally signed on to do.

12. A headhunter has told you about an amazing opportunity and you are surprised to find that you really feel like exploring it.

If some of these ring true, it is time for serious reflection, career counseling, reading career opportunity ads, and consulting with a recruiter.